Finding creative and innovative ways to provide hope and purpose for individuals with disabilities.

TCH Volunteer Opportunities

We can do one time projects or ongoing, large groups, small groups or one on one.

  •  Theater Projects with the DTA
  •  Update Group Homes with curtains, etc
  •  Landscaping at main office and landscape upgrades for group homes
  •  Maintenance (basic-dry wall repair, painting, etc) at Group Homes
  •  Quarterly “deep” cleaning of group homes
  •  Make and install shelves for storage at Group Homes
  •  Fundraising
  •  Repaint fire lane around building
  •  Clean/Wash vehicles
  •  Provide a special birthday celebration for those individuals with no family
  •  Office Support
  •  Aide in a classroom at the DTA
  •  Companion/Mentor
  •  Retired Professional – using professional skills and knowledge

For more information contact Dawn Hocking 480-730-4221