Finding creative and innovative ways to provide hope and purpose for individuals with disabilities.

Employment Services

TCH Employment Services assist people with various abilities to enter the workforce.  Men and women with disabilities work with TCH Vocational Habilitation staff to build the skills necessary for greater employability.

TCH participates with local school districts in a Work Bridge Program helping graduating students to transition from the school to the work environment.  Students work part-time in the TCH Employment Center while also finishing school, helping them to develop achievable post-graduation goals.

With this service, the type or level of employment is based in the individual’s abilities and more importantly his/her interests.  Each level is a step toward independent employment.

Center-based/Supported Employment

In the TCH Employment Centers, men and women with disabilities work on various skill sets appropriate for center-based employment and for progression toward community employment.

Training Associates work primarily on document shredding and extrication for recycling with Assured Security Document Destruction (ASDD) a division of TCH.  Other projects include product assembly, towel sorting and bundling, collation of newsletters, information packets and more.

Partners who use TCH for such contracts include Intel, the Virginia Piper Foundation, Cintas, Tempe Diablos, Desert West Jewelry, and more.

Group Supported Employment/Enclaves

Enclave employment is where local businesses contract with TCH for a work crew accompanied by a Job Coach or “foreman.”  Individuals are able to work in the community while still having a TCH safety net of co-workers and a Job Coach.

Training Associates learn valuable objectives such as maintaining a work ethic, specific job skills, self advocacy and other preparations for independent work.  Individuals also undergo regular assessments to determine desire and readiness for community employment.

Individual Supported Employment

This program caters to individuals who wish to gain or maintain employment in the community.  Working side-by-side with an Employment Specialist or Job Coach, the individual receives support in resume creation, interview skills and appropriate job-related communications.

Individual Supported Employment occurs in natural work settings where people with disabilities are integrated with the businesses other employees.  TCH helps Training Associates with the job search and provides on-the-job training.  Additionally, TCH offers support to the community employer during an orientation/transition phase.

The goal of this program is for TCH to eventually fade out of service as the individual maintains employment on their own!

For more information on our Job Training Program, please call Melita Winnick at (480) 730-4141.