The Center for Habilitation

Arizona’s adults with disabilities thrive best when
they have access to the same opportunities,
attention and support that all people deserve.


Day Program

TCH’s Day Programs combine social, recreational and
educational opportunities to help Arizona’s adults with developmental
and physical disabilities broaden their social horizons
and become more independent citizens.


Home and Community Based Services

TCH’s Home & Community-Based Services help Arizona’s adults with developmental and physical disabilities make sound decisions, expand their abilities and otherwise assume more control over their own lives.



TCH provides Group Home Services in both
Maricopa and Pima counties.


Employment Services

TCH offers a wide variety of job training
and employment services for our supported individuals.



The AbilityOne Program is the largest source
of employment for people who have significant disabilities
throughout the United States.



TCH owns and operates a large fleet
of accessible vehicles. Annually, TCH logs over 75,000 trips
on behalf of its supported individuals.



TCH provides services that support and empower adults with developmental and physical disabilities.


ASDD is an Arizona secure data destruction service and is a division of The Centers for Habilitation.


Learn more about who we help, who we are and how we support and empower adults with disabilities so they can overcome obstacles and improve self-sufficiency.


At TCH, we work to support and empower who live with developmental or physical disabilities. We provide a wide range of services designed to support and create opportunities to ensure individuals with disabilities realize their full potential. By helping adults with disabilities develop critical life skills and guiding them through meaningful career training, TCH promotes independence, self-determination, and self-confidence. Our mission is to assist adults with disabilities in utilizing the resources available to them so they can make their own choices, improve their abilities and assume more control over their own lives.

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