Tempe Leadership began in 1983 and more than 800 people have graduated from our program including a past Tempe mayor and several Tempe City Council members. Our class is made up of a diverse group of community leaders that have come together to collectively learn about Tempe and make a difference in the lives of others. To learn more about Tempe Leadership and the impact it has on our community please visit our website: https://www.tempeleadership.org/

Class XXXIX has chosen to build a wellness center for The Center for Habilitation (TCH). TCH creates opportunities for adults with disabilities. Their programs include group homes, day programs for adults, and employment opportunities.

The new wellness center will include a floor to ceiling makeover, including a sensory corner where the participants can benefit from yoga and meditation sessions. There will be sensory boards, free weights, rowing machines, and other equipment to help improve overall physical and mental wellbeing. 

Please consider The Center for Habilitation (TCH) and supporting Tempe Leadership with a tax credit donation.

TCH qualifies as an eligible charity to whom contributions may be made and the donor receives a direct credit (better than a deduction) on their Arizona State Income tax.  Pursuant to the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit, donors can make a gift up to $470 as an individual or $938 when filing jointly.

AZ DOR Tax Credit QCO Code 20389